Lee G’s Garlicky Sunday Roast Chicken

preheat your oven 180 deg Lightly grease a roasting pan. Trim excess fat from chicken. Cut off the wing tips Season cavity with salt and pepper to your taste Mix 1 and a half tablespoons of olive oil with a half teaspoon of Mama Lolly’s Red Hot sauce (or more if you...

Lentil stew with Mama Lollys Caribbean green seasoning

1 cup dry lentils/2 cups vegetable broth/2 cups coconut milk/2large spoons green seasoning 200g spinach leaves/salt and pepper to your liking All except the spinach in 1 pot. Simmer for 40mins add the spinach leaves in the final 5 minutes Serve with brown rice

Caribbean shrimp with spaghetti

Smother Mama Lolly’s Green Seasoning generously over fresh prawns, let sit for minimum 15mins‘ saute sliced onions until just transparent, then add marinated prawns and a good squeeze of lemon juice, when the prawn starts to lose transparency then add sliced red...

Peppered prawns asparagus

Peppered prawns asparagus

Peppered prawns asparagus and a dash of #mamalollys #yummy#yellowhotsauce Took a minute to post but thank you _.sxdie_Mmmm ?? donnaleetapper@_.sxdie_ ??

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