A vibrant green sauce with a fresh, spicy and enticing nose
It is also beautifully fresh on the palate, citric with perfect acidity.
Non greasy and light - with lovely notes of different spice and herbs in each mouthful.
This is beautifully balanced and we can see it as an interesting and useful condiment in the kitchen.
Delicious and with a long finish which we were very happy to enjoy.

An attractive looking, bright paste with a good fresh aroma. The texture is both thick and smooth. The flavour feels natural and we enjoyed the elements of celery, lemon and peppers coming through and delivering a good lasting punch.
This would be great in marinades or stews to lift and brighten the flavours.
An interesting product with many uses.

There is NO HEAT in our green seasoning, just the intense flavour that comes from a finely tuned blend of spices, fresh thyme, CELERY, scallions/spring onions and garlic. All flavours that make up a truly authentic Caribbean taste.

As with all our sauces, Mamma Lolly’s Caribbean Green seasoning contains NO PRESERVATIVES. Please keep this sauce refrigerated for up to 1 month. Or pour into an ice tray and store in the freezer.

Net weight 210ml